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Golden West College President
Coast Community College District

  • Aug. 17, 2017
  • Golden West College President
  • Coast Community College District
    Costa Mesa, CA
    United States
  • Open until filled
  • Available immediately
  • President/Provost/Chancellor
  • Administration - Executive
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Golden West College President
The President is responsible to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees for providing an intellectually and culturally stimulating learning environment for Golden West College's diverse student population; providing enriching and innovative educational programs that help students meet their individual goals; providing visionary and dynamic leadership in the overall administration of the college; developing and implementing the district and college strategic plan. The President is committed to academic excellence, community engagement, and student success through continuous assessment and improvement of student learning and institutional effectiveness.

Golden West College Cares
The successful candidate will share in the vision and values of the campus and model these ideals in their leadership:
Access and Equity: We value and strive to ensure both open access to our college and equitable outcomes for our student population.
Campus Environment: We value and support "Spirit of Place" through which the people, buildings, and grounds all serve to convey to our students that they are welcome and that our college is a special place of learning.
Collaborative Climate: We support active participation based on trust, openness, consistency, and respect in the college's decision-making process. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to work together to solve problems by listening to one another, by speaking honestly, and by demonstrating ethical behavior and responsibility for the good of the college, our students, and community.
Excellence and Innovation: We work to provide a quality educational environment for students by embracing a culture of assessment and continual improvement. We are inspired by our founding president's dictum to "Let Change Be the Tradition," to encourage innovation, creative problem solving, and to welcome changes that will enhance the College's ability to fulfill its mission.
Inclusiveness and Diversity: We value diversity and recognize the contributions of all individuals. We support the free and open exchange of thoughts and ideas in an environment that embraces mutual respect and civility.
Leadership: We encourage active leadership for students, faculty, and staff at all levels of the institution and throughout our community.
Learning: We are committed to high academic standards and support the personal growth of all our students. Our dedication to student learning culminates in high level of student achievement.
Stewardship and Sustainability: We are responsible for utilizing and developing our human, environmental, and fiscal resources efficiently and effectively and in a manner consistent with the principles of health and sustainability.
Teaching: We value the primary role that faculty play in providing students with a dynamic and challenging environment that maximizes learning. We appreciate the integral roles that classified staff and managers perform in support of students and their learning.
Technology: We value the role that technology is playing in transforming the educational environment, creating new ways of addressing students' learning needs, and enhancing the administrative aspects of serving students and faculty.
Characteristics and Competencies
* Guided, in philosophy and experience, by a deep commitment to the mission and vision of the college, promoting effective teaching and learning and maintaining a consistent focus on the needs and success of students as well as the communities from which they come.

Governance/Consultation/Collective Bargaining
* Exhibits evidence of a respect for and commitment to shared governance and collegial consultation as well as a sense of community with all constituent groups--in building strong teams, creating a unified direction for the College and the District, and inclusive decision-making in accomplishing institutional objectives.     
* Understands the respective leadership roles of a governing board and a multi-college administration structure, as well as strategies and practices that facilitate effective operations in such a structure.     
* Promotes a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, and effective working relationships within the College as well as with the leadership of both the other colleges and the District; encourages a free exchange of ideas and is visible and accessible to discuss them; is open, transparent, and inclusive, in both decision-making and providing explanations for decisions.     
* Understands the California collective bargaining environment and the importance of working effectively with employee groups through effective employee contract administration.

* Sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of students and employees; demonstrates commitment to academic, artistic, and cultural freedom; values diversity in all its forms as an institutional imperative, both in achieving student access and success and in the composition of all employee groups.

* Exhibits and expects both personal and professional ethics and integrity in all behavior and relationships; brings a strong sense of fairness and equity to all decision-making; values accountability, in oneself and others.     
* Cultivates a clear vision and focus on continuous improvement of institutional effectiveness and processes, with an emphasis on pursuing established priorities and meeting accreditation standards; leads effective planning throughout the College, including enrollment management; and oversees implementation as well as evaluation, incorporating on-going institutional research and data-driven assessment as well as effective measurement of personnel performance.     
* Exhibits strong problem solving skills, courage and perseverance in addressing institutional and personnel challenges; is deliberate in assessing conflicting perspectives; and achieves consensus among divergent views in a sensitive but expeditious manner.     
* Provides leadership for the allocation and management of fiscal, human, physical, and technological resources using priorities and systems that are focused on enhancing student success and institutional effectiveness.     
* Possesses the emotional intelligence to do the job: gauges people and political situations effectively, both internally and externally; exhibits strength, patience, flexibility, and tolerance of ambiguity, when necessary.

* Is a forward thinker, transformational leader and effective change agent; is a creative and a reasoned risk-taker; has the ability to build effective teams, develop leadership in others, and delegate responsibility without micromanagement; inspires people and organizations to be creative and perform at their best, acknowledging good performance when appropriate; and is results-oriented, responding to situations in a professional and expeditious manner.     
* Understands and supports the increasing role of technology in higher education specifically with respect to resource management and the teaching/learning environment.     
* Values professional development for all constituent groups.

Communication and Work Environment
* Communicates effectively, both orally and in writing, and listens well, fostering strong relationships, shared priorities, trust, and transparency; understands the value of effective communication structures, reports, protocols and strategies--across the College, within the District, and to state/federal agencies; is comfortable reaching out across the many sectors of the diverse community that the college serves.     
* Approachable, inclusive and visible on campus, at the district, and in the community.

External Experience and Leadership
* Understands the California community college policy, regulatory, legal, political, and accreditation environments; has relevant management experience in navigating such issues.     
* Is committed to being an integral part of Golden West College's external environment, both as an individual and a college representative, in advancing the success of students and effectively marketing the College; is an advocate for the College in pursuing political and regulatory initiatives, beneficial and innovative partnerships with business, educational entities and other governmental agencies, public and private community support, and external resource development through pursuit of grant funding and a productive institutional foundation.

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